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GirWim solutions provide different control and sanction systems for road and citizen safety. Achieving greater safety for citizens and preserving infrastructure is one of the main objectives of governments and authorities.


  • Weigh in Motion (WIM):
  • High Speed Weighing Control (HSW)
  • Medium Speed Weighing Control (MSW)
  • Low Speed Weighing Control (LSW)
  • Portable weighing
  • Classification and counter


About us
GirWim is the brand that comprises the technological solutions for weigh in motion in traffic and industries. Giropes SL has always invested in research and technological development in the weighing sector. GirWim
is the result of years of experience designing and manufacturing weighing instruments and know-how growth with highly qualified professionals.

What do we offer?
Aiming to be an integral solution for overload control on roads and industry, GirWim is designed with multiple possibilities that fit the needs for on-road control for a good maintenance of different industries and needs. Giropes is a solid and continuously growing company, resulting from the acceptance of our products and the trust our customers place in them.

What is our philosophy?
We continue to focus on excellence and innovation to provide integral top quality solutions. Commitment, innovation and quality have led the brand to work with highly qualified partners throughout Europe, Africa and America, trusting Giropes and the GirWim brand to continue growing hand in hand.

GirWim’s solutions enable total management and control in all areas of road and urban safety.
In recent years, it has become essential to accurately capture multiple data from vehicles and other road users in interurban movements and in the cities themselves. Collection and analysis is and will be vital to make its use and management possible.


  • Road statistics and maintenance
  • Highway toll control and pricing
  • Enforcement or controls by traffic authorities
  • Vehicle counter at trouble spots
  • Weigh control for safety on bridges
  • Counters and classification

Weigh in Motion (WIM)
GirWim offers different weigh-in-motion solutions for total weight control on roads. High, medium and low speed weighing systems allow total control of traffic and its weight for safety on highways, bridges and roads with trouble spots.

High Speed Weighing (HSW)
High speed GirWim solutions are ideal for weight control on roads and highways. Controlling the weight of vehicles at high speed allows total control of the weight supported by the roadway without having to influence traffic flow.

HSW system records telemetric information from vehicles traveling on expressways at high speeds. A perfect solution for high-speed roads such as highways and freeways, it allows total control of the weight supported by the roadway to manage maintenance and ensure user safety.

Intended Use

  • Preselection
  • Statistics
  • Traffic counters

Sign on Road
A traffic light or a variable messages sign, placed after the scale automatically advises the offenders to deviate or to go to the place where they are going to receive their fine or the traffic agent is going to make a further revision. On the other hand, the vehicles which are travelling without overload and which do not have done any type of infringement are immediately directed to the exit.

Data Management
GesDyn software allows to collect and manage the data set recorded. It also allows the imposition of penalties on vehicles that do not comply with the regulations established by the competent authorities.
GesDyn allows to differentiate weights by each of the vehicle’s axles or by axle tandems. For tandem calculation the software allows to set the distance between the centre of the axles depending on the legislation of each country.

Medium Speed Weighing (MSW)
GirWim medium and low speed solutions are ideal for weight control at tolls. Controlling the weight of vehicles accessing the highways is vital for their proper maintenance and, when necessary, applying penalties to overloaded vehicles.
The MSW system records information of vehicles at up to 50 km/h. It is an ideal solution when installed on toll booths or moderate speed roads such as inside municipalities.

Low Speed Weighing (LSW)
Vehicles pre-selected in the previous control zones are diverted to the third and last Low Speed Weighing (LSW) station, up to 15km/h, or to a static weighing system, in order to perform precision weighing. The sanctioning process is only valid if it has been carried out with industrial weighing devices that have the relevant metrological certificate.

Solutions for Weighing at Tolls – Flow and weigh control in access to roads and highways
GirWim’s solutions for tolls allow to have a total control of traffic flow, create eco-friendly and safer road networks and have a complete monitoring of the vehicles passing through the road control. These weighing systems are adapted to medium or low speeds at the toll booths so as not to interfere with vehicular flow, thus avoiding influencing their speed and keeping the flow of vehicles at the toll booths.

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