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The BX30-FILL is a high tech, intelligent and economical Filling and Packaging Controller that is specifically designed to integrate with various types of filling machines. It’s configurable recipe building, multiple filling functions and smart filling algorithms make it a powerful solution for all filling applications.

The 12 different standard filling modes included in the BX30-FILL will cover all of the most common filling & packing applications. Master-slave operations allow full control of the machine by the master controller, including the set-up and transferring of recipes. Full control of multi-scale bagging or packing machines is available.

12 most common filling & packing modes included as standard. No need for additional PLCs

BX30-Fill has 250 recipe and ID memories and it’s 7 programmable keys can be assigned to the predefined functions for quick operation. Freely programmable digital inputs and outputs eliminate the need for an additional PLC in the cabinet as the BX30-FILL can independently control the pump, pilot valve, nitrogen purging, rotary valve, bag inflator, material activator etc.

A unique feature of the BX30-FILL is its programmable “reserved” I/O ports. In the event of a breakdown, these ports can be used to continue the operation until a new digital I/O board is fitted.

Incredible connectivity options for PLCs and PCs with all key fieldbus protocols. Powerful calibration options via fieldbus, electronic calibration or standard calibration

Powerful calibration options, including electronic calibration (eCAL) without test weights, ensure fast and easy set-up and service or calibration over fieldbus commands.

As standard, the BX30-FILL offers various integration interfaces for PCs or PLCs via RS232C, RS485, USB and Ethernet TCP/IP. An RS422 port is dedicated for an RI016 external digital 1/0 unit.

Fieldbus options include Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, Ether-CAT, CC-Link, Powerlink, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP and analogue output.

The BAYKON BX30 – Fill are available with various communication options. Please contact us to discuss communication options listed below.

  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Analogue Output
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Profibus and Modbus RTU
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Profinet and Modbus RTU
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and CANopen and Modbus RTU
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Ethernet IP and Modbus RTU
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and Ethercat and Modbus RTU
  • BX30PLUS with 5 Inputs/4 Outputs and CCLink and Modbus RTU
  • Modbus RTU SD Card
  • Alibi Memory

Please click here for theĀ BAYKON BX30 – Fill Datasheet…

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Weight 5.0 kg

Baykon BX30-FILL

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