T Series Intrinsically Safe ATEX Scale Base

From: £465.00

Dini Argeo T Series intrinsically safe scale base with single load cell.

Small and medium capacity electronic platforms with a AISI304 stainless steel Surface.
– Up to 30000d resolution.
– OIML R60 C3.
– IP67 protection.


ATEX T Series scale base supplied with CCATEX certification for single load cell platform.

Main Features

  • T series ATEX scale base with an approved intrinsically safe aluminium single point load cell according to OIML R60 standards with protection against dust and water splashes according to IP65 standards (350 Ohm input resistance).
  • Steel tubular structure, oven-fire painted blue, with adjustable resting feet and level.
  • Fitted with AISI 304 satin finish stainless steel loading surface.
  • Up to 15 Vdc power supply.
  • Shielded 3m connection cable with connectors for connection to the indicator.

Options for ATEX Version

  • CCATEX: ATEX certificate for each load cell
  • DCATEX2GD: Declaration of ATEX conformity of whole PLATFORM + ATEX 2GD DINI ARGEO INDICATOR
  • DCATEX3GD: Declaration of ATEX conformity of whole PLATFORM + ATEX 3GD DINI ARGEO INDICATOR


  • Belt and roller units to be applied on the loading Surface.
  • Special sizes and capacities.
  • IP68/IP69K protection.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg

TS3ATEX 3kg x 0.5g – 230mm x 330mm, TS6ATEX 6kg x 1g – 230mm x 330mm, TS15ATEX 15kg x 2g – 230mm x 330mm, TT6ATEX 6kg x 1g – 330mm x 330mm, TT15ATEX 15kg x 2g – 330mm x 330mm, TT30ATEX 30kg x 5g – 330mm x 330mm, TQ15ATEX 15kg x 2g – 400mm x 400mm, TQ30ATEX 30kg x 5g – 400mm x 400mm, TQ60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 400mm x 400mm, TQ150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 400mm x 400mm, TM30ATEX 30kg x 5g – 400mm x 500mm, TM60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 400mm x 500mm, TM150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 400mm x 500mm, TC30ATEX 30kg x 5g – 500mm x 500mm, TC60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 500mm x 500mm, TC150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 500mm x 500mm, TL60ATEX 60kg 10g – 500mm x 600mm, TL150ATEX 150kg 20g – 500mm x 600mm, TL300ATEX 300kg x 50g – 500mm x 600mm, TX60ATEX 60kg x 10g – 600mm x 600mm, TX150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 600mm x 600mm, TX300ATEX 300kg x 50g – 600mm x 600mm, TG150ATEX 150kg x 20g – 700mm x 700mm, TG300 300kg x 50g 700mm x 700mm, TG600 600kg x 100g – 700mm x 700mm