CSC DFWLKI Drive Through Platform Scale – Folding Ramps


Heavy duty low profile platform scales up to 3000kg capacity with entry level stainless steel weight indicator. Features: RS-232, bright LED display, strong stainless steel housing, wall mounting bracket, weigh in pounds or KG, our best selling indicator.



Coventry Scales low profile pallet scale for weighing euro pallets, stillages and really any large items.Features:

  • 1200mm x 1200mm standard euro pallet scale.
  • Industrial grade mild steel with powder coated finish.
  • High quality IP67, approved alloy steel load cells.
  • Fully adjustable feet with non slip rubber base.

Supplied with DFWLKI weight indicator.
An easy to programme and use, versatile and high performing weight indicator. The wide range of available functions and interfaces, make it suitable for multiple industrial and commercial weighing applications, such as floor scales, mobile weighing, etc. Case in IP68 stainless steel. CE-M approvable (OIML R-76/EN 45501).


  • Waterproof 5-key functional or 17-key numeric-functional keypad.
  • LCD 25mm backlit display with 6 high contrast digits and icons for indication of active functions.
  • Waterproof IP68 STAINLESS STEEL case, with sealed rubber gasket, easy to clean and resistant in harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Dimensions in mm: 243x145x78,4 mm.
  • Suitable for use on the table, column, or wall.
  • A/D 24 bit converter, 4 channels, up to 200 conv./sec. autoselect and up to 8 signal linearisation points.
  • Up to 10.000e or multirange 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d in CE-M approved version for legal for trade use.
  • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions with built-in resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
  • Connection with up to 8 load cells with input resistance equal to 350 Ohm or up to 16 cells of 700 Ohm each.
  • Digital calibration and set-up from keypad or from PC with DINITOOLS.
  • Power supply 110-240 Vac.


  • EC Type Approval (EN45501)
  • OIML R76


    Zeroing, Automatic tare, Presettable tare, printing and/or data transmission, selectable function command, on/off switching.
    17-key Version: Database of 30 tares, 2 Numeric IDs, keyboard lock, repetition of last printout made.
    – High Resolution Weighing x 10.
    – Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion.
    – Accumulation.
    – Formula weighing.
    – +/- Checkweighing.
    – Percentage weighing.
    – Approved transmission of the weight to PC/PLC (with Alibi memory ALMEM option).
    – Counting (Max. resolution of 1.500.000 divisions).
    – In/Out Truck weighing.
    – Hold and Peak.
  • Specific programme (MSTSLV code) for use of the indicator as a universal weight repeater or as a multi-scale repeater (MASTER) in combination with DFW/DGT/MCW.FUNCTIONING MODES:
  • Multi-scale repeater (MASTER)
    function which allows to repeat up to 32 independent scales, with the possibility of managing their functions, or displaying and printing the sum of the weighs of all the scales.
  • UNIVERSAL weight repeater
    function which allows to repeat the weight of any scales, through the configuration of the input string.

We can manufacture a floor or pallet scale to virtually any size, please email or call for a quote.

Additional information

Weight 120.0 kg

1000kg x 0.2kg, 2000kg x 0.5kg