Baykon LUDI Lift-up Drive-in Platform

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With  it’s  high  quality,  fully  stainless  steel  construction and  IP69  rated  load cells  the  Lift-Up  Drive-In  (LUDI) complies  to  GMP  and  HACCP  production  standards and  is  ideal  for  harsh,  wet  and  sanitary  environments where  hygienic  cleaning  is  vital.  The  OIML  approved LUDI  has  a  premium  quality  and  robust  build  that makes  it  ideal  for  Pharma,  food  production and cosmetic industries. It is available in dimensions ranging from  850mm  to  1500mm  and  in  capacities  from 300kg  to  3000kg.  A  specially  designed  lifting  device supported  by  a  hydraulic  cylinder  enables  a  safe  and easy 90 degree lift. Once lifted the operator has clear 360  degree  access  for  the  deep  cleaning  required  to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.


Stainless Steel Drive In Scales With Unique lifting Mechanism And Access Ramp

Please contact us to discuss prices and options for this platform scale. This machine is made to order, delivery time is approximately four weeks.

With it’s high quality, fully stainless steel construction and IP69 rated load cells the Lift-Up Drive-In (LUDI) complies to GMP and HACCP production standards and is ideal for harsh, wet and sanitary environments where hygienic cleaning is vital. The OIML approved LUDI has a premium quality and robust build that makes it ideal for Pharma, food production and cosmetic industries. It is available in dimensions ranging from 850mm to 1500mm and in capacities from 300kg to 3000kg. A specially designed lifting device supported by a hydraulic cylinder enables a safe and easy 90 degree lift. Once lifted the operator has clear 360 degree access for the deep cleaning required to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.

As well as maintaining high hygiene standards, reducing heavy lifting and manual handling is a key priority for Health and Safety Managers. The LUDI Lift-Up Drive-In Platform delivers on both accounts. It’s unique hydraulic lifting mechanism enables safe and easy 360 degree access to the platform during high pressure wash-down and it’s highly processed ultra smooth surface and wash-through design help to eliminate bug traps and risks of contamination.

• Premium quality manufacturing
• Fully stainless steel washdown construction
• IP69 stainless steel OIML approved loadcells
• Stainless gas assist for effortless lifting
• Easy access for deep cleaning & maintenance
• Ultra smooth processed surface for hygiene
• Supplied with 1 ramp as standard
• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
• Various standard sizes and capacities

LUDI Lift-Up Drive-In Floor Scales

Model – Dimensions

LUDI8585 – 850mm x 850mm

LUDI1010 – 1000mm x 1000mm

LUDI1212 – 1250mm x 1250mm

LUDI1512 – 1500mm x 1250mm

Quality Assurance
Our ISO 9001:2008 registration ensures that all of our platforms are manufactured to strict quality standards and are fully QA tested and calibrated by our highly trained engineers.

The quality and reliability of the VW range of industrial weighing scales is the result of over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience.

The VW range is built to last. We use high quality components and will not compromise on material and build quality. All of our load cells are OIML approved and all platforms can be Class III verified as required.

Please click here for the Baykon Lift-up Drive-in Platform Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 125 kg

LUDI8585 850mm x 850mm, LUDI1010 1000mm x 1000mm, LUDI1212 1250mm x 1250mm, LUDI1512 1500mm x 1250mm

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