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The BX14 is a smart weighing controller designed for discontinuous totalising or extraction rate applications. The BX14 is used for flow control on production lines together with totalising and accumulating the transferred material. The instrument also provides information on estimated usage in the next 24 hours, totals for the current flow rate and daily totals. There are an additional 3 accumulations that can be used for other purposes such as production batch total, turn total, non-erasable total etc.

Multiple Accumulators for estimated usage, current flow rate and daily totals

Multiple fieldbus options make the BX14 ideal for PLC integration and advanced digital filtering provides extreme stability. Valve control and communications is made easy with 7 Digital Outputs (5 relay contacts and 2 non-isolated)| and 4 programmable Digital Inputs. Modbus RTU is included as standard along with an RS232 and RS485 Serial Port.

Powerful calibration options include eCal Electronic Calibration without the need for test weights and sCal for span only calibration. This enables fast and easy setup and servicing and is ideal for calibrating large hoppers where emptying them is not an easy option.

A small sized aluminium body provides the ideal solution for panel installation where space is a premium and the large LED display provides easy weight reading from a distance. The BX14 has a stainless steel front panel making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

A built-in webserver allows remote viewing and control via any PC on the same network as the BX14-EN.

  • OIML R61 and R76 Approved
  • Dedicated Filling Controller
  • Approved for Auto-Gravametric Filling
  • Totalising and Estimated Usage
  • Customisable Accumulators
  • Multiple Fieldbus Options
  • Modbus RTU as standard
  • RS232 and RS485 Port
  • 7 Digital Outputs/4 Inputs
  • Advanced Filtering
  • 12-28VDC
  • 1600 Samples/second
  • 16 Million Internal Counts
  • Calibration via Fieldbus
  • Fast Standard Calibration
  • eCal Electronic Calibration
  • Webserver for PC view and control (BX14-EN)

The BAYKON BX14 are available with various communication options. Please contact us to discuss communication options listed below.

  • Ethernet, Modbus TCP and Webserver PC access
  • CANopen and Modbus RTU
  • Profibus and Modbus RTU
  • Profinet and Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet IP
  • Ethercat
  • CCLink
  • Powerlink

Please click here for the BAYKON BX14 Datasheet…

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