Moisture Analysers

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Coventry Scale offer a wide range of high quality moisture analysers. The moisture analysers available on our website will accurately provide moisture percentage readings. The moisture analysers available from Coventry Scale can be used to determine the exact moisture content levels of a wide range of items including food, wood and plastics. Our moisture analysers can be used in professional and industrial sectors. Moisture levels are accurately measured by calculating the weight change between a wet and a dry object after the drying process has finished.

Coventry Scale Company have been supplying Ohaus moisture analysers for the last 25 years and offer a complete repair and calibration service on all brands of moisture balances.  There are currently four moisture analysers within the Ohaus range, the first is the Ohaus MB23 moisture analyser with a total capacity 110g and increments of 0.01g.  The Ohaus MB23 uses a metallic sheathed – none glass infrared heating element for drying of samples.  The MB23 moisture analyser is very easy to clean and extremely user friendly.  Second in the range is the Ohaus MB25 moisture analyse with has the same capacity as the MB23 at 110g with more accurate readability at 0.005g.  The Ohaus MB25 uses traditional halogen heating technology.  The MB23 and MB25 are entry level balances and offers accurate moisture analysis for any budget.

Ohaus offer two high end moisture analysers, the MB90 and MB120, both of these machines come with a much higher capacity than previous models and increased readability at 0.001g.  Both the Ohaus MB90 and the Ohaus MB120 moisture analysers use precisely controlled halogen heating which dries samples uniformly, producing repeatable results of 0.01% readability.

Coventry Scale Company also supply the Dini Argeo ALGS and ALGM moisture analysers which both come with readability of 0.001g.  Both Dini Argeo moisture analysers use two lamp halogen technology.

Showing all 8 results