Ohaus Centrifuges

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Spin It in the laboratory with OHAUS Centrifuges! Perfect for life science applications such as sample preparation, cell pelleting, nucleic acid extraction, immunoprecipitation, and more, OHAUS Centrifuges are perfectly designed to help you Spin It in the laboratory.

Top questions to ask when buying a new centrifuge?

What is the highest RCF that you need to prepare your samples for your workflow?
OHAUS centrifuges have models can reach up to 18,000 rpm generating over 24,000 g.

Which sample tube sizes do you use in your lab?
An extensive rotor and adaptor selection can accommodate just about any lab setup with volume ranging from 0.2 – 250 mL.

Do your samples need to be kept cool during centrifugation?
The refrigerated centrifuge models can keep your samples cool even when running at the maximum speed.

Do you have to protect against aerosol discharge?
Aerosol tight sealable rotors are available in some of the most common sizes.

How many tubes do you want to run at once?
OHAUS offers a few different rotors that can handle high throughput applications at various RCF.

Showing all 4 results