Ohaus Dry Block Heaters

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Heat It up in the laboratory with OHAUS Dry Block Heaters! Perfect for life science applications such as incubation and activation of cultures, ELISA and other immunoassays, isothermal incubations, and more, OHAUS Dry Block Heaters are perfectly designed to help you Heat It up in the laboratory.

Top questions to ask when purchasing a dry block heater

Do you need to incubate small samples like micro tubes, micro plates, test tubes, or vials?
OHAUS Dry Block Heaters provide a wide range of block accessories designed to accommodate samples of different types.

Are you looking for a specific temperature range?
OHAUS has models that can heat up to 150°C.

How important is reproducibility of your settings?
If it is important, you should recommend a digital block heater as opposed to an analog. Analog settings are not exact, digital settings are.

Do you need to calibrate your heater to a traceable temperature device?
OHAUS models can be calibrated to an external temperature device such as a thermometer, probe or thermocouple.

Is the formation of condensation on your sample lids, caps, and covers causing a problem with your assays?
If it is, recommend the Block Heater with the Heated Lid

Showing all 4 results