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Stirrers, Hotplates & Hotplate-Stirrers

Stir It up in the laboratory with OHAUS Mini Hotplates and Stirrers! Perfect for life science applications such as dissolving buffers and reagents, preparing media, concentrating samples, and more, OHAUS Mini Hotplates and Stirrers are perfectly designed to help you Stir It up in the laboratory.

Top questions to ask when purchasing a new hotplate or stirrer.

What is the volume of your sample?
It is important to select a model that can handle the volume as it may not heat or stir properly if it is undersized.

Are you looking for a specific top plate material?
The OHAUS Mini Hotplate Stirrers are available with ceramic tops. Ceramic tops are ideal if working with chemicals as they are easy to clean and offer a reflective white surface.

Are safety features an important part of your decision process?
Cool touch, chemical resistant housing, ramping feature, and an off centered support rod holder are some of the safety features offered with the OHAUS models.

Do you need to stir and heat your sample at the same time?
In this case choose OHAUS Hotplate-Stirrer which can heat up to 500°C and stir up to 1200rpm.

Do you need to purchase a stir bar in addition to your stirrer or hotplate stirrer?
The OHAUS stirring models include a 3.8 cm PTFE coated stir bar.

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