Ohaus Open Air Shakers

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Shake It up in the laboratory with OHAUS Shakers! Perfect for life science applications such as ELISA assays, cell cultures, protein studies, solubility studies, and more, OHAUS Shakers are perfectly designed to help you Shake It up in the laboratory.

Top questions to ask when purchasing a new open air shaker.

What type of motion are you looking for?
You can choose your model among OHAUS selection of orbital, rocking, waving and reciprocating shakers.

Do you need a specific speed and orbit?
The larger the sample the larger the orbit and a slower speed is needed for a good mix. For smaller samples, it is the opposite, smaller orbit and faster speed for a good mix.

What size of shaker do you need?
You can easily find a shaker that can meet required capacity and sample kind. The most common samples are either Erlenmeyer flasks or tubes. The OHAUS Equipment Catalog has a guide in the accessory section listing the number of tube racks or flask clamps each shaker can hold.

Do you need a temperature control?
Incubating models are available as well as incubating/cooling. Remember, incubating models can begin to control temperature at ~5°C above whatever the ambient (room) temperature is, so if the customer needs a temperature close to ambient, select a model that can cool.

How important is reproducibility of your settings?
If it is important, you should recommend a digital (DG) shaker as opposed to an analog (AL). Analog settings are not exact, digital settings are.

Do you need a simple means for capturing your data?
The OHAUS Thermal Shaker units (ISTHBLHTS and ISTHBLCTS) have a USB. Downloading the data is as simple as inserting a flash drive into the port and selecting USB mode on the utilities menu. You do not need special software. The data is uploaded to a .csv file, similar to an Excel spreadsheet.

Showing all 5 results