Ohaus Vortex Mixers

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Mix It up in the laboratory with OHAUS Vortex Mixers! Perfect for life science applications such as re-suspending liquids, mixing reagents, genotyping, cell disruptions, and more, OHAUS Vortex Mixers are perfectly designed to help you Mix It up in the laboratory.

Top questions to ask when purchasing a new Ohaus Vortex Mixer.

Do you need to vary the speed of your mix?
OHAUS has analog and digital models with variable speed control.

Do you need to use an accessory or run multiple tubes at high speeds?
Most vortex mixers have speed limitations when using an accessory attachment. The OHAUS Microplate, Heavy-Duty and Multi-Tube Vortexers are designed to run at high speeds with their accessories.

Would you like to vortex 50 samples at a time?
OHAUS has analog and digital models that can handle that capacity.

Do you need to know the exact speed when vortexing?
Select a digital model for accurate speed values

Showing all 4 results