WWSF - 900 x 700mm

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WWSF Range of Vehicle Weigh Pads – Suitable For Dynamic Weighing Applications

The WWSF range of both cabled and cableless electronic vehicle weigh pads are available in capacities ranging from 10000kg to a maximum 25000kg and increments from 5kg. The WWSF axle weighing pads are designed to weigh large vehicles fitted with twin wheels such as articulated lorries, tractor-trailers, skip lorries building yard vehicles and any other vehicle with extremely large wheels. The weighing surface area of the WWSF weigh pad is 900mm x 700mm with an overall dimension of 900mm x 811mm, and a height of only 75mm, these are currently the largest and highest capacity weigh pads available from CSC. Each weigh pad weighs 67kg and are fitted with handles at each end so two people can easily transport each weigh pad.

The WWSF cabled wheel weighing platforms can be used as a set of two pads to weigh a vehicle axle by axle once one of our indicators have been added or as a set of four pads to weigh a two axle vehicle. The cable free version of the WWSF weigh pads can consist of a wireless weight indicator and a maximum of 20 different wireless weigh pads. The WWSF range of axle weighing pads are particularly suited to dynamic weighing applications. All of our weighing systems are available for demonstration subject to availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Most of our axle and vehicle weigh pad systems are available for demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Showing all 4 results